Tuesday May 07, 2024

FutureSox RoundUp: Top Right-Handed Starters and Outfield Depth

Elijah Evans and Jeff Cohen start by talking about the promotion of Bryan Ramos before diving into a variety of topics on this edition of the FutureSox RoundUp. They discuss the Co-Hitters of the Week, Wilfred Veras and Rikuu Nishida, as well as the Pitcher of the Week, Peyton Pallette. Then, they break down Elijah's top right-handed pitching prospects list considering a few of the tough decisions made on the list. They continue by zooming around the organization and the top performers at each level from the week before previewing the ACL roster. They finish off the episode with a look at the outfield depth throughout the farm system.Key prospects discussed include: MLB: Bryan Ramos
AAA: Colson Montgomery
AA: Wilfred Veras, Jairo Iriarte, Mason Adams, Andrew Dalquist, Eric Adler
A+: Jacob Gonzalez. Juan Carela
A: Rikuu Nishida, Seth Keener, Drake Logan
ACL: Grant Taylor, George Wolkow, Sean Burke, Mathias LaCombe, Christian Oppor


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