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Discussing the prospects and happenings relating to White Sox player development and baseball operations.

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5 days ago

Elijah Evans checks in with 2022 draft pick Eric Adler on this interview edition of the podcast. Adler talks about his experience at Wake Forest and throughout his first year with the White Sox organization before diving in to role as a relief pitcher, adjustments on his pitch locations, the talent in the farm system, and his first few weeks in Birmingham.
Adler has a 1.17 ERA with 24 strikeouts across 15.1 innings pitched this season between High-A and Double-A. He is well-regarded as one of the top relief pitchers in the farm system.

6 days ago

On this episode of FutureSox Hot Takes & Heaters Nick Murawski and Danny Miller take stock of what has happened since their last stream. Danny drove in big circles for 24 hours and Nick went to the Nats vs. White Sox with his family. The Yankees put it to the Sox over the weekend and the Blue Jays opened the series in Toronto yesterday by punching the Sox in the mouth. But in glorious normal fashion, the White Sox put up a victory on Hot Takes and Heaters Tuesday. 
Andrew Vaughn started to seem to figure it out, but then regressed. Corey Julks came and gave a little spark while Tommy Pham keeps it real. Garrett Crochet is still awesome.

7 days ago

On this edition of the FutureSox RoundUp, Elijah Evans and Jeff Cohen analyze all of the promotions from this week within the White Sox organization while considering what other moves could be on the horizon. They discuss Noah Schultz and Jacob Gonzalez joining an already loaded Birmingham roster and that could mean for Drew Thorpe and other pitchers that are ready for a promotion as well. Then, they talk about Eddie Park joining Winston-Salem as well as Grant Taylor and Ryan Burrowes making their professional debuts in Kannapolis. They continue by discussing how the White Sox rotation could shake out in 2025 with all of this pitching depth and then run through top performers from the week including hitter of the week, Ryan Galanie, and pitcher of the week, Riley Gowens.
Key prospects discussed: 
AAA: Nick Nastrini, Jonathan Cannon, Zach DeLoach
AA: Noah Schultz, Jacob Gonzalez, Drew Thorpe, Jairo Iriarte, Brooks Baldwin
A+: Eddie Park, Riley Gowens, Bryce Willits, Shawn Goosenberg
A: Grant Taylor, Ryan Burrowes, Ryan Galanie, Lucas Gordon, Aldrin Batista
ACL: George Wolkow, Javier Mogollon, Tristan Stivors

Monday May 20, 2024

On this episode of the FutureSox Podcast Ian Eskridge and James Fox discuss the Noah Schultz promotion, Grant Taylor's debut, and a bunch of great performances including Jairo Iriarte and Riley Gowens. Also they talk about who's going to get promoted, and who's going where. A lot of of moving pieces possible.  Where are they going to end up?

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Our Elijah Evans had a conversation with current Kannapolis Cannon Baller, and former Cal State Fullerton Titan - Caden Connor. He goes through his baseball life pre-draft, and what the lead up to the draft was like for him. The White Sox drafted him in the 19th round in 2023, and he has taken the 2024 Kannapolis offense up a notch slashing .295/.375/.434.

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Elijah Evans and Jeff Cohen discuss a wide range of topics regarding the White Sox farm system on this edition of the FutureSox RoundUp. They start by breaking down Bryan Ramos and his first MLB stint before discussing the Robbie Grossman trade. They continue with analysis of our soon-to-be published left-handed starting pitchers list. Then, they talk about hitter of the week, Ryan Galanie, and pitcher of the week, Juan Carela, in addition to the entire Kannapolis lineup and Winston-Salem rotation. Additionally, they talk about timeline of possible promotions and standpoint players from the first week of Arizona Complex League games.
Key players discussed: 
AAA: Nick Nastrini, Colson Montgomery
AA: Jake Eder, Ky Bush
A+: Juan Carela, Noah Schultz, Riley Gowens, Tyler Schweitzer, Shane Murphy, Jacob Gonzalez
A:  Ryan Galanie, Caden Connor, Rikuu Nishida, Eddie Park, Lucas Gordon
ACL: Christian Oppor, George Wolkow, Ryan Burrowes, Javier Mogollon

Monday May 13, 2024

Ian Eskridge and James Fox discussed the performance of Bryan Ramos and the recent uptick for the White Sox. How are all the top prospects fairing across the affiliates? They will be finishing with what the trade market might bear in the coming months for the White Sox and just a little bit of the draft possibilities.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

On this episode of Hot Takes & Heaters Nick Murawski and Danny Miller discuss White Sox going down to Tampa, Bryan Ramos, Tommy Pham and Nick will finally give Gavin Sheets his flowers (or maybe not). They also take a look at the tv deal situation among many other topics.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Elijah Evans and Jeff Cohen start by talking about the promotion of Bryan Ramos before diving into a variety of topics on this edition of the FutureSox RoundUp. They discuss the Co-Hitters of the Week, Wilfred Veras and Rikuu Nishida, as well as the Pitcher of the Week, Peyton Pallette. Then, they break down Elijah's top right-handed pitching prospects list considering a few of the tough decisions made on the list. They continue by zooming around the organization and the top performers at each level from the week before previewing the ACL roster. They finish off the episode with a look at the outfield depth throughout the farm system.Key prospects discussed include: MLB: Bryan RamosAAA: Colson MontgomeryAA: Wilfred Veras, Jairo Iriarte, Mason Adams, Andrew Dalquist, Eric AdlerA+: Jacob Gonzalez. Juan CarelaA: Rikuu Nishida, Seth Keener, Drake LoganACL: Grant Taylor, George Wolkow, Sean Burke, Mathias LaCombe, Christian Oppor

Monday May 06, 2024

On this week's FutureSox podcast Ian Eskridge and James Fox discussed the promotion of Bryan Ramos to the White Sox. What about it makes sense, and why the move was made. Also James has written the White Sox ACL roster preview, and they go in depth on the roster. Who's who, and who are we looking to make a big mark in the ACL this year. They also have a chat about some of the interesting performances across the affiliates. They close with the John Schriffen saga, and some small opinions on the issues people have.


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